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Become a Siteowners partner

Siteowners actively seeks partners to resell our services globally.
The internet is something utilised by people around the world, and our target audience extends to each and every one of these people. If they have an internet connection together with an idea or product to sell, we can help them achieve their goals. We hope to reach these people by being suggested to them by our partners.

If you have clients interested in e-commerce, web design / development, search marketing, hosting or domain name registration, simply fill out the partnership form at the end of this page and we will get back to you!

* If your area of interest is e-commerce please read through the following Magnet Commerce partner schemes to choose the right one for you!

Magnet Commerce Partner Schemes:
  • Magnet Commerce Referral Program - Magnet Commerce subscribers only!
    As a Magnet Commerce subscriber you can inform potential clients about Magnet Commerce’s benefits using any legal means (NO SPAM!)—through your Web site, a newsletter, phone messages or conversations. Every time a referred client subscribes and mentions your name in the sign-up form (via a special field “referred by”), both you and our new subscriber will receive one month of FREE Magnet Commerce subscription!

    It’s that simple!

  • Magnet Commerce Affiliate Program
    As a Magnet Commerce affiliate you will only be responsible for referring customers to us. Once this is done we will be fully responsible for providing customer service and support.
    In this case your commission will be as follows:
    - $300 if the customer subscribes for 1 year
    - $200 if the customer subscribes for 6 months
    - $100 if the customer subscribes for 1 month

  • Magnet Commerce Value Added Resellers Program (VAR)
    As a Magnet Commerce VAR you will be responsible for referring customers to Magnet Commerce as well as providing basic level consulting and support. You can offer Magnet Commerce in a package including other products or services that you or other sellers offer. If you provide your customers with a breakdown of the prices for each service/product included in the package (or if you are selling Magnet Commerce alone) then the Magnet Commerce price should not exceed the one we have set. Otherwise you are free to set the package price as high as you wish.

    If you become a VAR you will receive 30% of the subscription (recurring commission for as long as you are responsible for a customer).
Siteowners Partnership Form:

Primary Contact
  First Name:*
  Last Name:*
  Telephone number:
  Fax number:
Company information
  Company Name:*
  Street Address:*
  Zip/Postal Code:*
  Website URL:
Payments information - Make checks payable to:
  Same address as above
  Other address
        Street Address:
        Zip/Postal Code:
  Magnet Commerce Partners
 Which partner scheme are you interested in?
  • Magnet Commerce Referral Program
  • Magnet Commerce Affiliate Program
  • Magnet Commerce Value Added Resellers Program (VAR)
  What is your involvement with ecommerce?
  • Magnet Commerce customer
  • Freelance web professional
  • Web design / development firm
  • Advertising agency

  • eCommerce consultant / specialist / guru
  • Web content publisher
  • Other
  Do you have any additional notes, comments or considerations?
Note:* required fields
We would like to assure you that your email address will never be used for marketing purposes, or sold to any other company. We value your privacy as much as we value our own


e Commerce

Magnet Commerce, the complete shopping cart software tool designed by, now helps numerous small businesses across Europe and the USA fulfil their online potential.

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