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Website Templates Design

We provide innovative and distinctive web site templates:

For siteowners who need a pre-made professional website design to add their content.

One large group of such siteowners is experienced webmasters: Since web site design and programming are 2 worlds apart from each other, it is vital for an experienced webmaster to have a phenomenal template on which he or she can build. The deciding factors for an effective web site, that not only aims to guide audiences to it but most importantly retains their loyalty, are your web graphics, i.e. overall design, and the navigational structure.

A webmaster may be influential in the navigational structure; however a brilliant design can only be created by an experienced web designer. This fact should not be underestimated; after all, a professional template will potentially increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers.

As part of whole website building projects.

A website might have a flash introduction, a full of graphics home page and pop up windows. But most of its content, both static and dynamic, is integrated in some templates. A visitor coming from a search engine to an inner page of the website might never have the opportunity to see the flash intro or the main page, so the quality of the template design will be responsible for his overall impression of the site. The template will have an equally important effect to a visitor who will have seen both the flash intro and the homepage, because he will spent most of his time in content pages that are integrated in the template.

Web templates designed by Siteowners are superb solutions for initial website creation, as well as for website re-design. Siteowners will create templates in order to distinguish your site and maximize the potential of this media.

Have a look at sample templates we have designed...web templates samples

We also recommend the following website template providers:

e Commerce

Magnet Commerce, the complete shopping cart software tool designed by, now helps numerous small businesses across Europe and the USA fulfil their online potential.

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